Autumn surfing Portugal

Autumn surfing in Portugal it’s arriving and is one of the best times for surfing. Low season crowds in the water, you might even have one of the surf spots all to yourself if you’re lucky. Which makes you really feel one with nature, very peaceful. Lower prices for accommodations, flight tickets plus all the fun that you can get in a surf road trip adventure surfing the best swells, that luckily we know the best spots in Portugal.

The weather is still very good, usually without rain, with plenty hours of daylight, sunny and nice warm days. Probably different than what happens in many other countries in Europe.

The World Surf League rolls into Portugal in September for the Qualifying Series Event in Ericeira, the EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira and October for the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, being one of the greatest places on Earth for a surfer to be. Having the World’s greatest surfers riding the World’s best beach break barrels on the doorstep of your holiday accommodation really is the icing on the cake of an epic surfing holiday in Portugal.

Autumn surfing in Portugal is as well the best time to go watch the big wave riders surfing the giant waves at Praia do Norte, Nazare, know for setting up lot’s of Guinness World Records for the biggest surfed wave by man’s and women’s.

Independently of the board size or surfing level, Autumn is one of the best times to come surf in Portugal.