Summertime surfing in Portugal

Summertime surfing in Portugal. The summer is here, long and sunny days, temperatures around 30º Celsius degrees and the beach is the right place to be whether it’s surfing or relaxing. From north to south and islands, Portugal has more than 1500 kilometers of coast with lots of beaches to choose between cliffs or long sand extensions such as 43 kilometers in the south, with lifeguards or desert ones.

As the sunset is only at 9 pm there is always time to a sightseen around the area to find a special spot to watch it over the ocean with a beer or glass of wine in the hand.

At night there are lot of options to have fun, on the streets in the Santos Populares eating sardines, at the restaurants tasting the local gastronomy and wines or later on the local bars meeting and chatting with new people. The music festivals are also an option and there a lot during this time of the year.

There are a lot of good reasons to visit Portugal, pick the ones that suits on you and let us know. We guarantee that you will enjoy!

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