Had an absolutely EXTRAORDINARY Surf/Cultural Tour with Antonio of Ride351 in May 2022!!! Perfection! Highest praise!!!

He included so many extras—-like ridiculous photography of my surf sessions, scenery and the food stops we took! He made sure to take me to local spots for authentic food that was off the charts delicious. All the while, he gave so much valuable information on the country, the region, the surf breaks, the food and the culture. He was such a great ambassador! I’ve been to Portugal and Lisbon a few times before, but this time I learned and saw and experienced soooo much more and it was all because of Ride351!

Antonio even introduced me to eating barnacles!! Which I now love!! And he was patient and kind and a really safe and responsible driver (I always get car sick but not this time!!!) . Seriously, on every front, Antonio gets an absolute A+ as a tour guide, and I’m extremely discriminating, critical and demanding!!! :-)

US Testimonial trip