World Surf League Events in Portugal

As it has been happening in previous years, Portugal continues to affirm itself as one of the best world surfing destinations for holidays, training’s and competitions of all the World Surf League divisions.

These year, the great news are the returning of the Women’s CT, previous editions were in Cascais but this year they will be in Peniche at the same time period of the Men’s CT and the return of the Azores QS in São Miguel, last year was a Special Masters Event.

To have a better idea of how important Portugal is as a surf destination, just for the QS Tour will be 22 000 points, Santa Cruz with 3 000, Costa da Caparica with 3 000, Azores with 6 000 and Ericeira with 10 000 points.

Apart of the Women’s and Men’s CT, the QS Tour, Portugal will also host the Men’s and Women’s Longboard Tour, Men’s and Women’s Junior Tour plus the Big Wave Tour with The Nazaré Challenge. Some of these events still appear as tentative but all of them should take place as announced.

Here are all dates and events in Portugal:
– 05-07, Longboard Pro Espinho (Men’s and Women’s Longboard Tour)
– 08-13, Pro Santa Cruz (Men’s QS Tour 3.000)
– 10-14, Junior Pro Espinho (Men’s and Women’s Junior Tour)
– 15-20, Caparica Pro (Men’s and Women’s QS Tour 3.000 + Men’s and Women’s Junior Tour)

– 10-15, Azores Airlines Pro (Men’s QS Tour 6.000)
– 24-29, EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira (Men’s QS Tour 10.000)

– 01-31 March, The Nazaré Challenge (Big Wave Tour)
– 16-28, MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal (Men’s and Women’s CT Tour)

Great opportunity to surf and travel in the best spots of Portugal while watch the world top pro surfers riding the Portuguese waves. Let’s go!!